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Four Factors Affecting the Tensile Strength of Rubber Seals_Rubber Seal_Rubber Seal Manufacturer

by:ORK      2022-11-27
Four factors affecting the tensile strength of rubber seals 1. seals should use active fillers (such as carbon black, silica), and make them uniformly dispersed during mixing. When supplemented with active fillers, the dosage should be appropriate. 2. From the aspect of formula design, it is mainly the variety of raw rubber seals, the vulcanization system and the variety and amount of filler. The formula of high tensile strength of rubber seals should use crystalline rubber such as natural rubber, neoprene or chlorosulfonated polyethylene, etc. The rubber seals content is generally about 60%. 3. The tensile strength is also related to the temperature. The tensile strength of rubber seals at high temperature is much lower than that at room temperature. The tensile strength is related to the crosslinking density. With the increase of the crosslinking density, the tensile strength increases. After the maximum value appears, the crosslinking density continues to increase, and the tensile strength will decrease significantly. 4. The tensile strength is related to the structure of the rubber. When the amount is small, the secondary valence of the intermolecular interaction is small. All other factors that affect the intermolecular force have an effect on the tensile strength of rubber seals.
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