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Four kinds of rubber seals common failure reasons

by:ORK      2020-07-16
A lot of people in the use of rubber seal failure occurs, but a lot of people will be mistaken for rubber seal itself quality problem, actually out quality problems of seals, design, select material errors and improper use of this reason is also cannot be ignored. 1, the rubber seal quality rubber seals production quality is closely related to the reliability of the product. So when choosing suppliers producing rubber seal factory, should be after many investigation, research and test the products, in the process of delivery, still can ask rubber seal manufacturer to provide true and accurate inspection report. 2, design, design errors are usually caused by a lack of understanding of product design personnel. Such as the seal pressure on the estimate shortage, wrong understanding of seal surface contact stress distribution, put seal groove design is not reasonable, etc. So research can also be appropriate to the design and development of rubber seals manufacturers rubber seals. 3, select material errors commonly used rubber seal material is epdm ( EPDM) Nitrile rubber (, 丁腈橡胶) And silicone rubber ( VMQ) , fluorine rubber seals ( FKM or FPM) 。 The characteristics of each type of rubber each are not identical, select material to consider from several aspects, such as the use of temperature, material medium, whether the tolerance of hardness, wear resistance and compression set of various factors. 4 a good rubber seal, seal of improper use, if use undeserved, can cause the entire product failure, so when using the installation need comprehensive consideration. , of course, a lot of rubber seal seal failure due to aging, after a long time, the use of aging phenomenon is very difficult to avoid, can only be used in the production and process to avoid the aging too quickly. seals manufacturer seal of 18 years, rubber seal products one-stop expert, on-demand custom design different high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, oil resistance, abrasion resistance and other properties of the seals, welcome consultation: if you have more questions.
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