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by:ORK      2022-11-25
Four major treatment methods for slight deformation of rubber seals seals When using rubber seals, we often find that slight deformations often occur due to external forces during the storage process of rubber seals. If this situation is not used directly, it will cause The performance of rubber seals is greatly reduced. What I have to do is to use them after a slight treatment. Next, we will explain the four major treatment methods for slight deformation of rubber seals. 1. Take out the deformed rubber sealing ring, boil a pot of water with high heat, and pour it into the container. 2. After pouring the boiling water into the container, soak the rubber sealing ring in the boiling water. 3. After soaking for a few minutes, take out the rubber seals sealing ring and pull it by hand. 4. After pulling and pulling, it is enough to restore the elasticity, so that the rubber sealing ring will return to its original shape. If the rubber seals seal is stored for a long time, slight deformation will occur. The above are the four methods to deal with the slight deformation of rubber seals, I hope to be helpful to everyone.
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