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by:ORK      2020-08-07
Often the housewife that cook often a bit. Newly purchased melons, vegetables and fresh milk need to temporarily after not edible. Outdoor is afraid of the hot weather, food, and even more afraid of mice. Put it in the refrigerator, be afraid of the taste of other foods, influence the flavor of the ingredients. Cover with plastic wrap, worry about health. In the long run, we may waste a lot of delicious dishes. In the popular is to create market soft cover made of silicone material, it is placed in a bowl or plate used for fresh food. This food is not bad also not stale. Very good guarantee the delicate flavors of the ingredients. But why silicone fresh cover, so hot recently? In fact, in recent years, for the purpose of environmental protection at home and abroad, the silicone has long been used in daily necessities. Soft silicone material, plastic, and can be applied to all kinds of tableware shapes, is not easy to deformation. And silica gel has been able to achieve food grade now, no need to worry about the food safety of food. Silicone food preservation cover high temperature resistant, it can be heated in the microwave. In the market for a fresh cover is equipped with six different size of the bonnet, to adapt to the different sizes of tableware. It provides a very good choice for consumers. Organic silicon not into People's Daily necessities for a long time, but because of its high quality environmental protection characteristics and the change of the concept of people's lives, is expected in the near future, organic silicon products will become a big industry. Consultation telephone:
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