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by:ORK      2020-07-25
In a few areas on the tension and toughness of silica gel products have very high demand, mainly is the need to silica gel products to maintain tension toughness degree, especially the manufacturing industry, machinery industry, once appear, tensile strength is insufficient, rebound damping failure, will lead to more serious problems. Today give you simple from the two aspects of the solution to the problem of insufficient tensile silica gel products. The causes of deficiency of pull 1 silicone products. Machine modulation in the silicone products manufacturer in the molding process of the machine debugging cooperate has a certain impact, sometimes the staff in the process of sulfide in order to improve yield increase the production efficiency, will reduce the mold vulcanization time products will be feeble phenomenon, to increase production to reduce the time under the premise of must increase the rate of temperature reaches a certain balance, otherwise the product will appear all sorts of bad phenomenon, and the production time is too long products appear too brittle tensile tear phenomenon also occur and suggest appropriate control products in the process of production time and curing temperature. 2. Raw material with ordinary silica gel for raw materials will appear some problems, such as the service life of substandard housing, poor toughness and springback. Too much silicone oil is added in the silicone raw materials and the performance of white carbon black lead to produce chaos, silicone in silicon atoms are destroyed, sticky phenomenon in a softness to reduce, not appear softness liquidity, resulting in a decline in the tensile strength of the product after high temperature molding, product won't show up in after the completion of the production, but after a period of use in various environment will gradually appear under the conflict of product deformation, resilient rate drops, the phenomenon such as product sticky. In addition to the machine in the production process, raw material, human, environment and so on a number of factors outside the toughness of the silica gel products won't appear quality problem, so the silicone products manufacturer in the production process control of the several factors, the quality of the product basic no problem! Mainly engaged in high polymer wear-resisting material, nitrile rubber, silicone, fluorine rubber, natural rubber seals, neoprene, rubber seal products such as research and development, production; Products are widely used in auto parts, household appliances, bathroom building materials, construction machinery, chemical machinery, food beer production line, motorcycle accessories, ship repair, lighting lamps and lanterns, furniture decoration and other industries, especially in the seal, mechanical spare parts of imported equipment's experience in the design, manufacturing, and assembly of surveying and mapping shall be also can be seen. The hotline:
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