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Functional characteristics of silicone rubber sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-10-31
Functional characteristics of the silicone rubber sealing ring 1. The silicone ring has a very good practical effect of keeping fresh, which can make the food or other things that must be kept fresh to obtain a very good effect of ensuring its freshness, and it will not be used for such products. It is an enterprise product that is completely non-toxic and harmless, emerald green, healthy and environmentally friendly. 2. The silicone ring has excellent airtight characteristics, which can ensure complete airtightness, and it is not easy for a drop of water to enter the airtight indoor space. 3. The silicone rubber seals sealing ring has a very strong adaptability to the natural environment. It can be placed under strong temperature and heated, and it can maintain its original shape and condition well to ensure complete non-toxicity. Deformation, and will not cause all harmful components in the natural environment of continuous high temperature. 4. The silicone ring has excellent tensile strength, which can ensure the actual effect of no rupture and no deformation under the very strong tensile strength. 5. Compared with other products of the same type, silicone rubber sealing ring can be used for a long time, the color tone is not easy to change, it is not easy to yellow, and it will not fade. 6. The silicone rubber sealing ring has very good discharge resistance, electric isolation and its heat resistance and ultra-low temperature resistance. In addition, the silicone rubber sealing ring also has good aging resistance. Very in line with national standards. 7. Silicone rubber sealing ring has stronger ductility than ordinary vulcanized rubber. Even at minus sixty or seventy degrees, it can maintain better ductility. 8. However, silicone rubber sealing rings cannot be used in most thick and thin solutions and refined oils, or thick and thin acid and sodium hydroxide solutions. 9. The silicone rubber sealing ring also has very good insulating properties, even under the premise of continuous high temperature, it will not suffer from all interference.
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