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by:ORK      2022-11-23
Gaobang briefly describes which factors affect the quality of rubber seals seals When it is low, it is necessary to consider the stability of equipment operation and whether there is a creeping phenomenon. When the moving speed is very high, the oil film that acts as a lubricating oil may be destroyed, and the oil seal will generate friction and heat due to the lack of good lubrication, resulting in a greatly reduced service life. It is recommended that the polyurethane or rubber seals-plastic oil seal work within the speed range of 0.03m/s ~ 0.8m/s. 2. Temperature: Low temperature will reduce the elasticity of the polyurethane or rubber seals-plastic oil seal, causing leakage, and even the entire oil seal will become hard and brittle. High temperature will make the oil seal volume expand and soften, resulting in a rapid increase in the frictional resistance of the oil seal and a decrease in the pressure resistance capacity during movement. It is recommended that the continuous working temperature range of polyurethane or rubber-plastic oil seals is -10℃~+80℃. 3. Oil seals with low friction performance and low starting resistance must be selected for low-pressure work. Below 2.5MPa, the polyurethane oil seal is not suitable; when the high pressure is used, the pressure deformation of the oil seal should be considered, an anti-extrusion retaining ring should be used, and there are special requirements for groove processing. In addition, oil seals of different materials have different optimal working pressure ranges. The optimal working pressure range for the polyurethane oil seal is 2.5-31.5MPa. The effects of temperature and pressure on sealing performance are interrelated, so comprehensive consideration should be given. 4. In addition to selecting the working medium in strict accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, it is very important to keep the working medium clean. The aging or contamination of the oil will not only cause the components in the system to fail and accelerate the aging and wear of the oil seal, but also the dirt in it may scratch or embed the oil seal, causing the seal to fail. Therefore, the oil quality and its cleanliness must be checked regularly, and the oil filter or oil must be replaced according to the maintenance specifications of the equipment. The air remaining in the oil in the oil cylinder will be compressed by high pressure, which will cause high temperature to burn out the oil seal, or even carbonize. In order to avoid this situation, exhaust treatment should be carried out at the beginning of the hydraulic system operation. The hydraulic cylinder should also run at low pressure and slow speed for several minutes to confirm that the air remaining in the oil has been exhausted before it can work normally. The above content is provided by
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