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by:ORK      2022-11-26
The rigid requirements of the installation environment of rubber seals seals We all know that rubber seals are usually installed at the connection of the machine, mainly for sealing and buffering. It is usually necessary to clean the environment where the machine is located, so today we will mainly explain the rigid requirements of the installation environment of rubber seals. Surface quality, make sure that there are no small holes, protrusions, cracks and grooves, etc. and that it has sufficient elasticity before use. In order to prevent oil leakage caused by damage, it must be operated in accordance with the regulations. These matters need to be paid attention to when installing rubber seals, and it is easier to install rubber seals seals. The correct choice of rubber seals will cause less loss in practical applications. When designing and using hydraulic seals, in order to avoid the leakage of hydraulic seals, attention should be paid to the specific use conditions and requirements of the hydraulic cylinder, such as load, working pressure, relative movement speed, and the level of ambient temperature and its changes. Hydraulic seals with suitable structural form and suitable material can reduce the thickness of the oil film between the seal and the sealing surface to the limit and reduce the leakage of the hydraulic seal. Due to processing and assembly reasons, a suitable sealing gap must be left between the relative motion coupling surfaces. In order to ensure the dimensional accuracy, surface roughness and shape and position accuracy of the hydraulic cylinder seals, sealing grooves and sealing surfaces, in order to avoid or reduce the damage of the seals, thereby reducing the leakage of the seals. The parts where the hydraulic cylinder seals are installed, such as cylinder barrels, guide sleeves, pistons and piston rods, should have a smooth lead-in angle of 15-30 degrees to facilitate the installation of seals. When installing seals, special sleeves should be placed on their respective parts through external threads or undercuts. In the design, the diameter of the outer thread and the undercut groove is smaller than the inner diameter of the seal, etc. If the seal needs to pass through the surface or hole of the inner thread, the inner diameter of the inner thread or the inner diameter of the hole can be made larger than the outer diameter of the seal or in the Chamfering, etc. at the hole. At the same time, in order to reduce the assembly resistance of the seal, lithium soap-based grease or hydraulic working oil should be applied to the installation part to avoid plastic deformation and damage such as excessive stretching of the seal, and avoid leakage of the hydraulic seal. . Enhance the awareness of hydraulic oil pollution protection, strengthen the supervision and detection of hydraulic oil pollution, and replace hydraulic seals in time after hydraulic oil pollution, thereby reducing the leakage of seals. When storing hydraulic seals, they should be placed in a sealed moisture-proof bag such as PTFE, and the storage date should be recorded, and then stored in a dark place to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight. Poor storage and storage speed up the sealing Leakage due to aging of parts. The leakage and protection of hydraulic seals are preparatory work. We should comprehensively consider the working pressure, load, relative motion speed of the hydraulic cylinder, and the level of the ambient temperature and its changes, and select the hydraulic seal with the appropriate structure and material. parts, and appropriately improve the design and manufacture quality of the hydraulic seal surface and the installation quality of the seal. Enhance the awareness of hydraulic oil pollution protection, and strengthen the supervision and detection of hydraulic oil pollution. After the hydraulic oil is polluted, it should be replaced in time and the storage of the seals should be done well. Only in this way can the leakage of the hydraulic seals be reduced and the economic benefits of the enterprise be improved. The above are the rigid requirements for the installation environment of rubber seals. I hope it will be helpful to you when installing rubber seals in the future. Tai'an Gaobang Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various rubber seals, with complete production and testing equipment. Products include: O-type, Y-type, J-type, V-type, U-type, L-type, drum-type, bud-type, mountain-type, rectangle and other hydraulic, pneumatic, national standard, non-standard and other rubber seals, reciprocating rubber seals Seals, rubber and cloth seals, shock-absorbing parts, etc.; all kinds of oil-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, low-temperature-resistant, acid and alkali-resistant seals, please call to order products.
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