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Have a home, have love | in the fourth quarter of 2019 birthday party

by:ORK      2020-08-05
In order to carry forward the enterprise culture construction, enrich staff amateur life, increase staff belonging, let every employee to feel the warmth of family. Employees in the fourth quarter of the birthday party held on December 28, 2019, a complete, let's review the happy time birthday party together! After friends to dab hand embroidered, the party was decorated beautifully and live, beaming, filled with the warmth of home. Host the opening and invite li quality deputy spokesman, thank you on behalf of the company employee contribution, and expressed sincere birthday wishes. Party in addition to wine meat company, nature is little not dance, sing and families offer hot dance. By nature is little not the game after the link, the company has prepared the cheerful little game back to active the atmosphere, but also with a beautiful gift; In round round, people smile blooming in the home, we can feel every birthday girl fierce strong sense of belonging to the company. The birthday girl in the cheerful & other; Happy birthday & throughout; To the music, singing the birthday song of blessing for each other around the birthday cake together, pious make a wish, feelings of happiness on your birthday and joy together, to share a simple warm happiness. Li, then distributed to each birthday girl a birthday present. Longevity hand a birthday gift, across the screen can see everybody happy smile and beautiful happiness, bless you! The birthday girl holding company prepared a birthday present pose, a full face is permeated with a warm smile. Harmonious, bright smile in my heart, I hope all of our family, happy every day. Have a home, there is love, joy, here hope to start from here, we each family was living here, is a kind of happiness, find the heart of the home! We are proud of living in, and growing up together. This birthday party is over, but warm picture case forever in the memory, every family to make great efforts in building stronger.
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