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High temperature resistant seals

by:ORK      2020-07-04
Oven drying oven is special high temperature resistant seals with ageing resistance properties outside satiny carefully, good resilience, good bubble average, waterproof and ozone resistance, aging resistance, solvent resistance function are preferred. EPDM rubber and plastic/foam series products: a hole, polyethylene foam rubber seals expansion joint board ( Caulking board. Sealing plate) ( A) Product characteristics bring about unit weight is light, adjustable intensity big, not bibulous, Instead of the traditional three oil four felt, asphalt fir wood board and other materials) 。 Product environmental protection, construction, light proof, leakproof, water stop consequences. Bring high corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, resistance to high temperature 80 ℃ ~ - 45 ℃ not flowing, not deformation, not brittle, long use life. Bring to count opening bubble layout, a special type of joint board surface for honeycomb holes spread on average, needless to play MAO can be rigorous with cement/sealant adhesion, follow compression compression natural change and change, to strengthen joint seal compression water stop consequences. ( 2) The use of product size can be widely used in machinery, doors and Windows, curtain wall, rivers, DAMS, ports, water conservancy, electric power, wharf, public chung hole, airport, Bridges and other kinds of concrete water stop joint project. ( 3) Product this products can be according to the situation when using the method of construction adopted many kinds of way to use. Longitudinal seam water stop, the degree of water stop joints and other special joint use of foam rubber strip features: adopts EPDM material, satiny go outside, good resilience, good bubble average, waterproof and ozone resistance, aging resistance, solvent resistance function is helpul for custom products: high temperature resistant seal oil seal, o-rings, seals, and other rubber products, please find us
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