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How are rubber O-rings used and stored?

by:ORK      2022-11-08
How are rubber O-rings used and stored? The function of rubber seals O ring manufactures should be mastered more than everyone else. O-rings are used in hydraulic pneumatic systems and various mechanical equipment and components under specified pressure. In different liquid and gas substances, the temperature is in a static or moving state. Float and seal. It's not all that we should know, but do you know how to make the O-ring work better? First of all, we should remember that it cannot be reused. Secondly, when the O-ring is placed in the pipe groove, be careful not to distort the O-ring, and consider applying sealing material on the groove and O-ring. Another point, the rubber seals O-ring is best not to open the original packaging of the O-ring when it is not in use, so as to avoid the damage of the O-ring caused by sticking dust on the O-ring or mixing with foreign objects. If you want to store the O-ring, you should try to avoid direct sunlight or place it around a high temperature pyrogen such as a boiler, so as not to promote the early aging of the O-ring. It must be specified: O ring manufactures will occasionally change color during storage, that is, white powder will appear on the surface of the O-ring, but don't worry, this situation will not have a negative impact on the effect of the O-ring. O-ring storage Standard O-ring is affected by various external environmental factors, such as: distortion. O2. Ozone. Light. Pyrogen. changes, the ring may not be effective. DIN7716.ISO2230.DIN Storage rubber seals in 9088 and other specifications. Cleaning. The basic requirement is maintenance. 1: Temperature: 5-25℃ This is an ideal storage temperature. Exposure to heat and sunlight should be avoided. Seals removed from cryogenic storage should be placed in ambient at 20°C before application. 2: Humidity: The relative humidity of the warehouse should be less than 70% to prevent condensation from being too cold or too dry. 3: Lighting: Prevent sunlight and strong ultraviolet light. UV-protected bags provide optimum maintenance. Red or orange paint or film is recommended for warehouse windows. 4 Radiation: Prevent ionizing radiation from damaging the seal. Oxygen and Ozone: Plastic materials should be protected from exposure to circulating air. It may be packaged, coiled, stored in an air-tight container or otherwise suitable for this purpose. Ozone is harmful to most elastomers. The warehouse has the following equipment: mercury vapor lamps:. high-voltage electrical equipment. electrical machinery and other equipment. 6 Deformation: The rubber parts should be placed as much as possible to prevent stretching, shrinking or other deformation. 7. Contact with liquid or semi-solid materials: no contact with solvents: oil, fat or other semi-solid materials. 8. Contact with metallic or non-metallic materials: not in contact with magnetic materials, pig iron, copper and its alloys, or materials containing damage to rubber. Materials for PVC packaging seals cannot be used. Seals of different materials cannot be mixed. 9 Cleaning: If necessary, soap and water can be used to clean the seals. But water cannot touch fiber reinforced seals. metal bonded seals. AU material seals. Disinfectants. Organic solutions and sharp-edged tools cannot be used. Seals prior to cleaning should be dry at room temperature and out of proximity to pyrogens.
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