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How Dome Valve Sealing Rings Work

by:ORK      2022-11-19
How Dome Valve Sealing Rings Work The spool of a dome valve is a spherical dome. In the switching link, the gap between the valve core and the rubber seals sealing ring is kept about 2 mm and the gap between the valve core and the silicone sealing ring can be moved in a non-contact form, the purpose is to prevent the friction between the valve core and the silicone sealing ring and reduce damage. The pneumatic actuator of the dome valve is a sealed linear or fan cylinder, which directly drives the dome valve to rotate, effectively preventing dust from entering, causing damage and leakage. When the dome valve is closed, the silicone sealing ring is inflated, expanded, and tightly pressed on the spherical dome valve core, thereby forming a very reliable sealing ring to prevent the material from flowing in the pipeline. According to different applications, the dome valve core chooses different materials, and the surface adopts different hardening treatment methods. The surface of the valve core is smooth and hard, which can ensure close contact with the silicone sealing ring and ensure the reliability of the sealing. The silicone sealing ring is made of special rubber, which has the characteristics of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and aging resistance, and is durable. When the gate valve is opened, the material port flows completely without obstructions. The valve is suitable for gas, liquid, semi-fluid, solid powder and other substances.
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