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How much do you know common nitrile rubber type O sealing ring?

by:ORK      2020-07-31
The nitrile rubber seals is type O sealing ring is one of the common seal, but many people for some of its performance is not very understanding, in this paper, we take you to understand some of the main performance of nitrile rubber type O sealing ring. Nitrile rubber seals, NBR for short, mainly produced by emulsion polymerization at low temperature, by butadiene and acrylonitrile copolymer was a kind of synthetic rubber, its good oil resistance, oil resistance so demanding type O sealing ring in the commonly used NBR, its high wear resistance, heat resistance is good, strong adhesive relay. The disadvantages of poor low temperature resistance, ozone resistance is poor, poor insulation, slightly low elastic. Nitrile rubber (acrylonitrile content in %) 46, 36 ~ 41 and 42 ~ 31 ~ 35, from 25 to 30, 18 ~ 24 and so on five. Acrylonitrile content, the more the better the oil resistance, cold resistance is reduced. It can be 150 ℃ 120 ℃ in air or in the oil medium and long term use. In addition, it also has good water resistance, air tightness and excellent bonding performance. Is widely used in all kinds of oil resistant type O sealing ring, a variety of oil resistant gaskets, gasket, casing, flexible packaging, soft hose, printing and dyeing, plastic roller, plastic cable materials, etc. , in automotive industry, aviation, petroleum, photocopying etc become indispensable in the elastic material. Nitrile butadiene rubber type O sealing ring common density of shaw hardness 55 - A 75, 65 general hardness is more common, by the Lord see butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber sealing time need compactness, force and vibration, etc. Seal 17 years of development, production experience, has a group of professional technical engineers, can according to customer demand for the customer design suitable nitrile rubber type O sealing ring, figure design: welcome to.
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