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How much do you know the silicone seal these types?

by:ORK      2020-07-05
Silicone seal can be found everywhere in our life, such as temperature, lunch boxes, have the shadow of the silicone seal in the mechanical equipment, its one of the common material for seal products, but different material is subdivided again under a lot of kinds of species, the silicone sealing ring how much do you know these types? 1, the common silicone, environmental non-toxic, used for conventional seal; 2, food-grade silicone, non-toxic tasteless, stable chemical performance, high transparency, no yellowing, can be used as food, medicines and other food-grade seal; 3, high tearing silica gel, containing food grade silica gel, the advantages of not only good transparency, tensile tear, also not easy to break. 4, special high temperature resistant silicone seals, resistant to high temperature of 280 degrees, 250 degrees can be in use for a long time, under the condition of the ordinary silica gel can only short-term work under working condition of 250 degrees. Above is for everyone, for example of several common types of silicone, no matter what the rubber material, under the different kinds of performance there is a difference, so when the choice needs to combined with the working condition and decide, know more about the performance of the rubber seals material, welcome to consultation, 17 years of professional manufacturer of sealing ring tailor suitable packing for you.
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