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How to check the rubber seals?

by:ORK      2020-07-15
seals are often used for sealing all kinds of spare parts, although in most cases the rubber seal only ACTS as a small role, but also nots allow to ignore, because the rubber seal once appear problem, is likely to impact on the performance of the whole parts, so when the choice should check those aspects? 1, check whether the product is clean; 2, check product for curing defects; 3, check the products for trimming, car edge defects; 4, check the rubber seals for scratch defects; 5, check product for cutting defects; 6, check whether the product is frozen, deformation and other defects; What are 7, rubber seal products defect characteristics, impurities, and rubber not fusion, on the product shows different colors or obvious foreign matter. Or other surface cracks, the product inside and outside surface has obvious crack. Degumming, rubber products and the skeleton apart, not glued and together. Lack of material, outline or individual parts of the rubber seals seal has no apparent no note glue or injecting discontent or there was an obvious rubber flow traces. Bubbles, the product surface has significantly raised and the spherical shaped; 8, appearance defects of standard, normal sealed samples according to the appearance of the limit standards, the products are not allowed to have serious defects such as degum, fissure, working face can not have impurities, cracks, hot, short of materials, bubble, bubble. Any small parts are likely to affect product, therefore, the rubber seal check carefully, 17 years professional manufacturer of rubber seals, from raw materials to the cost through dozens of strict testing, to provide one-stop solution, welcome consultation:.
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