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by:ORK      2020-07-23
Hydraulic seal commonly used sealing pressure type hydraulic seals are mainly type O sealing ring, circular ring and rectangular coil, etc. , they have some advantages such as simple structure, easy manufacturing, low cost, so they are hydraulic transmission system is widely used in the dynamic and static seal the sealing element. They installed in the sealing groove is usually 15 to 25% of the radial compressive deformation, and the sealing surface is relatively high initial contact stress, there is no pressure to prevent leakage of liquid. Hydraulic seals of choose and buy: when maintenance with the seals of choose and buy, most users will be according to the size of the sample and color to buy, it would only increase the difficulty of the purchase, and not necessarily can select suitable products. Recommend the following procedure to improve the accuracy of purchasing seals: 1. Seal key decided to active point, for example, is in the inner diameter of rod sealing or active point is the outer diameter of the piston seal etc. 2. Direction to seal the movement direction of the location decision, such as reciprocating, rotating, spiral or fixed. 3. Temperature rating from the original mechanical instructions refer to or working temperature according to the actual working environment assessment, decided to use material required. About the temperature rating may refer to the following production of user attention. 4. Pressure level from the original mechanical instructions refer to the relevant data, or by looking at the original seal structure and hardness of work stress level, the pressure level may refer to the following production of user attention. 5. Size most users will be used by the old sample of choose and buy, but the seal in use after a period of time, will be affected by factors such as temperature, pressure and wear greatly its original size, choose according to the samples can only be as a reference, a better approach is to measure metal seal position groove size, higher accuracy. Production user note: general damage reasons of seal, is similar to seal the job requirements: 1. Wear of seal wear involves matching parts of surface finish, speed and transmission media, such as different sealing material to adapt to the different speed. 2. Sclerosis ( Aging) One seal leakage reason itself is affected by temperature hardening material, when high hardness, seal can't fill the gap between with mating parts, tends to leak. 3. Corrosion situation of soft seal even dissolve, reason is that the seals be invaded by media, an error occurred when choosing materials. If the media should pay special attention to water or solvent. 4. Squeeze out when seal under too much pressure to the metal clearance, damage the seal leak, the hardness of this kind of situation involving the seal itself and metal clearance is too large, if in the design, type selection, improper handling or installation, will appear out of damage. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Quotations from rubber seals seal manufacturer
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