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How to choose fluorine-coated O-ring material?

by:ORK      2022-11-18
How to choose fluorine-coated O-ring material? The key role of fluorine O-rings is sealing. Because there are many kinds of sealing materials, mainly oil, they play oil and dustproof effects in specific applications. Its characteristics are directly related to the sealing effect. The key factor of its characteristics is the material, how Choose a material? Different materials have different adaptability to the speed of mechanical movement. Some general materials cannot adapt to high-speed mechanical operation. Therefore, if the application environment of the sealing ring must run at high speed, general materials cannot be selected, and some high-grade materials should be used as much as possible to withstand high-speed running conditions. Materials are very sensitive to working pressure. Different materials can withstand different pressures. For example, if the material is oil, the pressure on the seal will be less. If the pressure required by the sealing ring exceeds the bearing range of the material itself, the sealing ring will be damaged quickly. In the case of ineffectiveness, the pressure bearing material of the sealing ring material is compatible. There are many types of media, and different materials have different compatibility with the media. Sometimes, if the compatibility of the two is poor, the sealing ring needs to directly contact the material, which will inevitably lead to damage to the sealing ring or contamination of some components in the sealing ring. In addition, the sealing ring material should not be eroded by the material, nor chemically change with the material. It can be said that the choice of sealing ring material cannot be ignored. When selecting the material of the sealing ring, not only should pay attention to the speed of movement introduced above. In addition to the compatibility of pressure and materials, you should also pay attention to the temperature. Remember, there are high and low temperatures. Temperature has a big effect on the seal material. Different materials have their own temperature ranges. Too high or too low temperatures can affect the properties of the material. Once the temperature is too high, the hardness and elongation of the sealing ring will decrease. If the temperature is too low, it is easy to make the sealing ring brittle. Each material has a suitable temperature range, and its temperature adaptation range should be grasped before selection.
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