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How to choose the correct rubber O-ring material?

by:ORK      2022-11-08
How to choose the correct rubber O-ring material? When choosing the correct rubber O-ring material, several important indicators must be considered. 1. Consider the application of rubber O-ring material standards 1. Objects that need to be touched, including liquids, gases, solids and various chemicals. 2. Temperature range, the highest temperature range. 3. Pressure range, taking into account the minimum proportion of the seal under pressure. 4. Consider static or dynamic applications. 2. Consider the structural design requirements of the rubber O-ring 1. Consider the combination. 2. Consider possible chemical changes in use. 3. Consider service life and possible reasons for failure. 4. Consider the degree of lubrication of the parts and the method of assembly. 5. Consider tolerance levels. 3. Consider the inspection requirements of rubber O ring manufactures 1. Define inspection standards. 2. Determine the requirements for determining the sample. 3. Set the key sealing surface. 4. Selection of rubber O-ring material specifications 1. Decide to use material specifications, such as American ASTM, German DIN, Japanese JIS, China GB, etc. 2. Discuss with suppliers to define the use of plastic materials. 3. Adopt suppliers with stable quality. 5. Consider the cost of rubber-type ring materials Use appropriate rubber O-ring materials and use high-cost and difficult-to-use rubber materials, resulting in the finished product being unable to be sealed. Natural or synthetic rubber has general rubber properties such as elastic recovery after shrinkage. Resistance to twisting, but each type of rubber-elastomer has its own unique properties. At the same time, the combination of rubber seals formulations can also have an impact on characteristic properties. At present, there are more than 20 kinds of rubber elastomers, which are widely used in various material requirements. At the same time, through the formulation design and mixing of professional mixing plants, various engineering requirements can be better met. Vulcanization transforms the rubber seals from a hot ductile compound to the desired shape of a thermoset. Therefore, it is very important that the designer, manufacturer and supplier of rubber O-ring materials discuss with each other and decide on the application material.
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