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How to choose the high quality epdm seals?

by:ORK      2020-07-23
Epdm seal is now very common type of sealing strip, so how to choose high quality epdm seals? Sealing strip factory today to share with you the following tips: 1, smell, taste the peculiar smell of the sealing strip is must, especially to blunt nose, only a normal rubber rubber taste, good quality is the foundation will not smell taste. 2, see appearance: the appearance time of sealing strip is a the appearance of the ten get rough, feel is also very hard, no tension. In contrast, good, is the outward appearance luster, feel soft and has a pull. 3, see: the proportion of the proportion of time the proportion of the sealing strip of exceptionally heavy, that is because at the time of produce of filler use coarse whiting or talcum powder, such as filling material, this will add the proportion of sealing strip, and good sealing strip is directly with light calcium carbonate as a filling material. Join the coarse whiting time sealing strip, you hand stretch back and forth several times, its surface will appear a small amount of white powder, poor quality, even just a she was broken. Under the sun insolates, other times of the sealing strip is directly through high temperature, the profiles of contact surface will change color, on the surface of the dust, and yellow and oil leakage. Dongguan rubber seals seals manufacturer, set product design, mold design, processing, research and development of rubber seals formula, mixing and detection of an organic whole, cooperation with many large enterprises supporting in 17 years, sealing strip, sealing ring, rubber seals sealing products exported to Europe, America, Japan and other places, deeply the user high recognition and praise!
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