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How to choose the right O-ring rubber seal

by:ORK      2022-10-25
How to choose a suitable O-type rubber seals sealing ring 1. When using the O-type silicone sealing ring material, the compatibility with the working material should be considered first. The pressure at the seal should also be fully considered. Temperature. Continuous working time. Running cycle and other working conditions. If used in rotating places, heating due to frictional heat must be considered. Different sealing materials have different physical and chemical properties. 2. The sealing method can be divided into packing seal and dynamic seal, which can be divided into hole seal, shaft seal and rotary shaft seal; according to its installation method, it can be divided into axial installation and radial installation. When installed axially, the error between the inner diameter of the O-ring seal and the sealing diameter should be as small as possible between the axial seal d2; for the hole seal, the inner diameter should be equal to or slightly lower than the diameter d1 of the pipe groove. O-type silicone seal Other factors that affect the sealing performance. 3.1. Hardness: O The hardness of the silicone sealing ring material is the main indicator for evaluating the sealing characteristics. The hardness of the OO type sealing ring depends on the compression amount of the O type sealing ring and the large pipe groove, allowing the gap to be squeezed. Because the Shaw Film A70 nitrile seal can meet most conditions of use. Therefore, if the sealing material does not have a unique specification, Shore Film A NBR 70 is usually supplied. 3.2. Extrusion gap: system pressure. The diameter of the O-ring section is related to the hardness of the material. Generally speaking, the higher the working pressure, the larger the extrusion gap and the smaller the gmax value. If the gap g exceeds the allowable range, the O-ring silicone seal will be squeezed or even damaged. 3.3. Compression deformation: under the premise of pressure, avoid plastic deformation. The maximum compression allowed by the O silicone seal is about 30% of the packing seal and 20% of the dynamic seal. 3.4. Pre-compression amount: In order to ensure the tightness of the O-ring seal in the pipe groove, the original compression amount should be reserved. Compared with the section diameter, the packing seal is generally about 15% to 30%, and the dynamic seal is about 9% to 25%. 3.5. Seal for stretching and shrinking holes, O-type silicone sealing ring is in a stretched state, and the maximum allowable stretching is 6%. For shaft sealing, O-silicone sealing ring shrinks along the circumference direction, and the maximum allowable circumference is compressed by 3% . 4. O silicone sealing ring is used for rotary shaft seal O silicone sealing ring can also be used as a rotary shaft seal with low-speed rotary motion and short operating cycle. When the speed on the circle is less than 0.5m/s, O selects the type of silicone sealing ring according to the normal design specification; when the speed on the circle exceeds 0.5m/s, the stretched rubber seals ring must be considered to shrink after heating, so the sealing ring is selected to make it The inner diameter is approximately 2% larger than the sealed journal to prevent the above. After the sealing ring is installed in the groove, the sealing ring is axially reduced, and the O silicone sealing ring produces a small amount of ripples in the groove, thereby improving the lubrication standard.
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