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How to choose the right sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-10-24
How to choose the sealing ring correctly When purchasing silicone rubber seals sealing rings, most customers will purchase the notes for maintenance customers according to the specifications and color tone of the samples, which will only increase the difficulty of purchasing and may not be able to choose a suitable product. It is recommended to choose the following procedures to improve the accuracy of purchasing seals: 1. Movement direction - first determine the movement direction of the geographical location of the seal, such as reciprocating, rotating, spiral or fixed. 2. The key to sealing - for example, the inner diameter of the tie rod seal or the active point is to determine the active point in the diameter of the piston seal. 3. Temperature level——Assess the operating temperature based on the actual working environment, and review or determine the required materials from the original machinery instructions for use. The following notes for production customers can refer to the description of the relevant temperature level. 4. Pressure level - Infer the working pressure level by observing the hardness and structure of the original seal, and check the relevant data from the original mechanical operating instructions. You can refer to the following precautions for production customers. 5. Size - Most customers will buy based on old samples that have been applied, but after using the seal for a period of time, the temperature will decrease. Factors such as pressure and damage have a great impact on its original size. Selection based on samples is for reference only. To what extent the metal groove specification of the geographical location of the seal is better, the accuracy will be higher.
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