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How to classify hydraulic seals?

by:ORK      2020-08-05
Hydraulic seal with a small leakage, has good sealing effect, v-shaped fabric combination sealing ring, and with the increased pressure of the hydraulic oil for automatic to improve the sealing effect, even in poor working environments such as high pressure and high temperature, the leakage of hydraulic seals also has no obvious increase. So, how hydraulic seals classification? Classification of hydraulic seals are mainly type O sealing ring, lip seals, combination seal: type O sealing ring: the price is relatively cheap, simple manufacturing, reliable function and installation is simple, mainly used in hydraulic system for the static seal. Lip seals: a v-shaped sealing ring, sealing ring U, YX type sealing ring: YX type sealing ring is cross section width to height ratio is greater than 2, and based on the demand of the use of stability, YX type seal lip shorter than non-working, thus divided into holes with YX type sealing ring and shaft with YX type sealing ring, YX type sealing ring will not roll, when using so YX type sealing ring is suitable for high pressure, high speed of hydraulic cylinder. Combination of hydraulic seal parts classification: grey ring, he ring, seal. Above is some common classification of hydraulic seals, when the choice is not only to the right size, use work also cannot ignore, sealing and performance of hydraulic seals will direct influence on hydraulic parts, sealing pieces 17 years of professional manufacturers, according to need to custom fit for the customer the mechanical seals, to figure or to sample customization:.
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