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How to design O-ring groove size cleverly

by:ORK      2022-10-26
1. Advantages of O-ring itself: 1) O-ring is light in weight and occupies less space, and can be used in a wide range of pressure, temperature and gap occasions; 2) O-ring is suitable for a variety of different sealing media; 3) The O-ring is easy to maintain and not easy to damage; 4) The functional failure of the O-ring is generally gradual, and it is easy to find and identify; 5) The O-ring has high wear resistance, and the sealing surface of the O-ring has an automatic elastic compensation function after wear. ; 6) The O-ring has a long service life, and can reach the aging period of the O-ring material under correct use conditions; 7) The O-ring is suitable for a variety of sealing forms, and the O-ring can be used for rotary motion, axial reciprocating motion or combined exercise. 2. How to reasonably design the size of the O-ring groove The O-ring in the groove will deform under the pressure of the medium, and the edge of the O-ring will flow into the gap to achieve the sealing function of the O-ring. The greater the pressure on the O-ring, the greater the deformation of the O-ring, and the better the sealing effect of the O-ring will be. When the pressure on the O-ring exceeds its bearing limit, the O-ring will be squeezed into the gap, causing the O-ring seal to fail. For this reason, when designing the O-ring groove, it is necessary to reasonably match the relationship between the hardness of the O-ring, the working pressure and the clearance tolerance. And in the design of the O-ring groove, the gap of the O-ring groove should be as small as possible. In actual operation, it is inevitable to encounter a large gap between the O-ring grooves. In order to prevent the O-ring from being squeezed into the gap, it should be considered to select materials with strong extrusion resistance and good dimensional stability to make O ring manufactures. Rings such as polyurethane O ring manufactures. The relationship between O-ring hardness, working pressure and clearance tolerance .  900.  2.62700.180.130.08  800.  900.300.  3.53700.200.150.10  800.300.  900.400.300.  5.34700.250.180.13 800.350. 900.450.350. 7.00700.300.200.15 800.300.200.150.07 900.500.300.200.180.07 Three, O-type circle custody 1) Circle 1) Optical circle is generally indispensable. Repeated use; 2) When installing the O-ring into the groove, be careful not to twist the O-ring; 3) When installing the O-ring, consider coating the groove and O-ring with sealing medium; 4) O Try not to open the original packaging of the O-ring when it is not in use, so as to avoid dust attached to the O-ring or foreign matter mixed in, which may cause damage to the O-ring; 5) The O-ring should be kept away from direct sunlight or placed in a boiler, etc. To avoid the aging of O-rings near the high temperature heat source; 6) The O-rings should not be tied and hung on needles or metal wires to avoid deformation of the O-rings and damage to the lip end; 7) Special instructions are: O-rings are stored Occasionally, discoloration occurs, that is, white powder on the surface of the O-ring, which will not adversely affect the function of the O-ring. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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