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How to determine the merits of the rubber seal material performance?

by:ORK      2020-07-23
Although the rubber seal is the product of a widget, but it may influence the overall performance of the products, the determination of the performance of the rubber seals are mainly tensile properties, hardness, compression performance, heat resistance, oil resistance, or medium resistance, aging resistance of these aspects. 1, tensile properties, tensile properties is including: stress, tensile strength, and elongation at failure and pull a permanent deformation. The tensile strength is fracture of tensile sample to large stress; Stretch stress is in specified elongation at stress; Elongation is sample from rules of tensile force caused by deformation, with the ratio of elongation of incremental to the original length; Elongation at failure is when the specimen tensile elongation; Snap permanent deformation is sample after tensile fracture residual deformation between the lines. 2, hardness hardness said sealing material's ability to resist pressure into, is one of the basic performance of rubber seals, hardness, the higher the intensity, the greater the relatively smaller percentage elongation, better wear resistance, and low temperature resistance, the worse. 3, the compression performance of rubber seals are usually under the compression state, due to the viscoelasticity of rubber seals materials, the compression pressure will decrease with time, show the compress stress relaxation; Can't reply to the original shape, after remove the pressure of compression permanent deformation. This kind of phenomenon is more obvious in high temperature and oil medium, the performance is directly related to the durability of the rubber seal sealing ability. 4, low temperature performance make the sample after the low temperature freezing to the provisions of the stipulated time, in accordance with the provisions, the Angle of the reciprocating bend, inspect rubber seals after repeated action of dynamic load in the low temperature sealing ability. 5, oil resistant, or medium resistance rubber seals seal in addition to contact various oil, sometimes with acid, alkali and other corrosive medium, the medium except by corrosion at high temperatures can also lead to inflation and lower intensity, the decrease of hardness. Generally under a certain temperature, after soaking some time in medium to determine its quality, volume, strength, elongation, hardness change to assess the merits of the rubber seal oil resistant or medium resistance. 6, ageing resistance aging general performance for the rubber seals by oxygen, ozone, heat, light, water, after mechanical stress can cause a bad performance. Aging resistance ( Weather) Available after aging style of the change of the strength, elongation, hardness, rate the smaller the better aging resistance. General performance of the different rubber material is different, the determination of when you just need to test according to the requirements. Seal 18 years of professional manufacturer of rubber seals, such as more material and working condition problems, consulting, we welcome.
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