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How to enhance the cold resistance of rubber sealing ring?

by:ORK      2020-07-23
Different products work is different, is different to the requirement of the rubber sealing ring, many products have certain requirements for temperature, the cold resistance is one of the more common conditions, seal today will take you to understand how to enhance the cold resistance of the rubber sealing ring. 1, rubber sealing ring of cold resistant performance mainly depends on the material of rubber, choose good cold resistance of raw materials is the key to cold resistance. 2, rubber seals and is commonly used in adjustment of cold resistance rubber formula design, the method of SBR and BR, for example, NBR and NR, CO, ECO, can obviously improve the cold resistance of the rubber sealing ring. 3, the selection of appropriate and efficient vulcanization system, rubber seals glass transition temperature than conventional vulcanization system reduce 7 ℃. So NR and SBR, DCP vulcanization has the best cold tolerance, thiuram vulcanization, cold resistance is reduced, and sulfur/times sulfonamide classes accelerator vulcanization of cold resistance is poor. 4, peroxide and radiation vulcanization, rubber sealing ring cold resistance is superior to the efficient vulcanization system and conventional vulcanization system, this is because the peroxide vulcanized rubber volume expansion coefficient is larger. seal cold resistance mainly depends on the raw material of rubber, other major is to increase the cold tolerance, auxiliary cold tolerance more knowledge if you want to know about the rubber sealing ring, welcome consulting, 18 years of professional manufacturer of sealing ring, one-stop rubber product customization services.
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