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How to extend the life of the regulating valve

by:ORK      2022-11-18
Ceramic control valves are often used in harsh working conditions, installed on heavy process pipelines, and the working conditions are extremely complex. Once a problem occurs, it is often helpless because of its heavy weight and difficult to pinpoint. It also involves system commissioning, System integrity, adjustment quality, environmental pollution and other issues, so the rational use of ceramic control valves, to maximize their maintenance, and prolong their service life, is the primary problem of using ceramic control valves. The following provides 5 ways to prolong the life of ceramic regulating valve. 1. Cleaning slag, rust, slag solidified by lime slurry, iron wire, cloth strip, etc. in the pipeline to prolong the service life of the pipeline, causing blockage or jamming at the choke and guide parts, causing the valve core to break, which often occurs in new commissioning. The system and the initial stage of operation after overhaul. This is the most common failure. In this case, it must be disassembled for cleaning to remove the slag. If the sealing surface is damaged, it should be ground; at the same time, the bottom plug should be opened to flush out the slag and flush the pipeline. Before putting into operation, let the regulating valve fully open, let the medium flow for a period of time and then bring it into normal operation. 2. Increase the opening degree to prolong the life. When starting to use the ceramic regulating valve, try to work at the maximum opening degree, such as 80%. In this way, the erosion and wear of the initial impurities in the pipeline occur outside the damaged part of the valve core. After removing the impurities in the pipeline, adjust the opening of the regulating valve to a place where the normal opening is slightly larger. , As the fluid damages the valve core, the flow rate increases, and the opening degree is correspondingly reduced, so that it is continuously destroyed and gradually closed, so that the entire valve core is fully utilized until the root of the valve core and the sealing surface are damaged and cannot be used. 3. Increase the caliber to increase the service life. We calculate the correct CV through the CV value calculation formula to select the appropriate valve caliber. Under the same flow rate, the smaller the valve diameter, the faster the fluid flow rate, and the more severe the erosion of the valve core and seal by the medium. It is recommended that the user appropriately increase the caliber of the valve within the range where the opening can be freely adjusted, so as to reduce the wear and tear. Seals 4. Transfer the damaged position to improve the service life Transfer the severely damaged place to the secondary position to protect the sealing surface and throttling surface of the valve core and seat. Usually the ceramic ball valve has the most serious erosion, and the fastest fluid velocity is the lower part of the fluid inlet. For the current three-piece structure of the ceramic ball valve, the ball core can be reversed for use, so that one ball core can be used at the inlet for four times, the life of the valve is extended by 4 times. 5. Change the valve structure to improve the service life The ceramic regulating valve originally adopted a two-piece structure. In order to make the valve structure more reasonable, it was changed to the commonly used three-piece structure. This structure has double valve seats and double sealing. characteristic. At the same time, when choosing a ceramic ball valve, pay attention to choosing a valve with a sloped transition design, such a regulating valve can reduce the impact of the fluid. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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