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How to identify the epdm seal strip?

by:ORK      2020-07-30
The main characteristic of epdm is good weather resistance and aging resistance performance, is a commonly used material, sealing strip so how to identify the epdm seal strip quality? 1, appearance. Epdm with poor sealing strip rough appearance, feel is also very hard, no tension. Good is the outward appearance luster, feel soft and has a pull. 3, specific gravity. Proportion of epdm sealing strip particularly heavy, because at the time of production of the filler with coarse whiting or filling materials such as talcum powder, this will increase the difference of the proportion of epdm sealing strip, and good sealing strip is directly from the light calcium carbonate as filler material. 4, the doors and Windows sealing strip is loaded on the profile or directly to dry on the plastic material in high temperature, time of strip is directly after high temperature, profiles of contact surface will change color, on the surface of the dust, and yellow and oil leakage. 5, epdm seal has the flavor of the rubber strip, although he is a synthetic rubber but it is still the rubber, so also will have the smell of rubber, rubber and plastic is the smell of plastic, the industry said that the rubber is actually modified PVC, respectively from the taste. 6, burn the gaskets, rubber seals strip and epdm seal strip of the big difference is that rubber seals is black ash after burning, and there will be some sticky, will pinch the drawing with the hand, and epdm seal strip is white ash after burning, with the hand a pinch became a black face. Epdm sealing strip and the identification method of varied, test performance is the most direct effect can meet the conditions. Article 17 years of professional seal factory, from raw material to cost through dozens of strict testing, to provide one-stop solution, if you have questions about the performance of the rubber material, welcome consultation:.
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