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How to identify the silicone seals and other rubber seal material?

by:ORK      2020-07-23
Small make up in the work found that many clients for the material of rubber is not very understanding, often mistaken for rubber seals and silica gel are two different categories, it is divided into different rubber material in the rubber, nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, epdm, silicone is a kind of rubber, but there are some difference on silica gel and common rubber, today to tell you how to identify the material of rubber seals seals. 1, first understand the silicone seal, silica, silica gel is the main ingredient in general, silica gel according to its properties and components can be divided into two categories, organic silicone and inorganic silica gel. Silicone is mainly used in key, kitchen appliances, food packaging, baby products, etc. Other different kinds and grades of rubber application is different, such as natural rubber is mainly used to do a tire, inner tube, butyl rubber is mainly do epdm do weather seal products. Silica gel can easily get different colours on the appearance of products, most other rubber seals with black and other rubber can be used for other color, but the rubber seals color is relatively trouble, and transferred into color performance is not stable, so in general are predominantly black. 2, silicone seals are generally no smell, other rubber are more or less there will be a little smell, can use smell to initially determined directly, also can through the burning method, silica gel seal when it is not the fire and white ash is white, the rubber is black smoke, ash is black, its irritating smell. 3, you can also through the physical method to distinguish between, because the silicone material, white carbon black is added to the manufacturing process using conventional precipitation made of silica gel seal to receive the tensile force to a certain length surface will immediately become white, loosen and then will immediately change the original color, and other rubber seals seals are not. But this method is only applicable to silica precipitation process, USES the gas phase method is not applicable. Whatever the rubber seals, have different advantages in performance, who can't replace who, so when the choice needs to according to the requirements of the product. 18 years of rubber seal factory, can according to customer demand for customized suitable rubber seals, if you have more questions welcome consultation.
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