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How to Improve the Quality System of Seals: System Challenges and Solutions

by:ORK      2022-11-18
When it comes to quality, we think of quality management system and quality inspection center. They are a guarantee of product quality. There are many books on quality management, and many of them have made very detailed explanations on the theory and practical operation of quality management. For an enterprise and management personnel who attach great importance to product quality, they must learn and master the relevant knowledge of quality management. However, if you have learned and mastered the knowledge of quality management, the quality of the seals will be guaranteed? Why do many seal manufacturing companies have quality assurance departments, and customers still often complain about the quality of the seals? To answer these two questions, we first It is necessary to understand the particularity of the quality management of seals. Emphasizing its particularity does not emphasize the difference in the sealing industry. This is a conclusion based on our understanding of the industry and customer service experience for more than ten years. Taking the data of Aizhi Industrial Technology Group Company as an example, Aizhi Industrial Technology Group Company is currently the leading enterprise of industrial sealing in China. The annual sales in 2008 exceeded 628 million yuan. There are more than 1,000 enterprises in the mechanical field supporting sealing, and its services cover food. , papermaking, tires, coal mines, ports, municipal engineering, machinery manufacturing, electric power, automobiles, metallurgy, chemical and other industries, after communicating with customers in many industries, through comparative analysis, we have concluded the following differences: First,“seal”The requirements determine that the seal must be an elastomer. This is different from the rigid dimensional requirements of general manufacturing. Of course, a professional seal manufacturing company reserves tolerances in the design and tests according to the tolerances, but the products in practical applications are compressed. That is to say, the size of the parts tested for quality is not the size of the seals actually used, which greatly increases the difficulty of seal design and testing. For example, when we design and test seals such as hydropneumatic seals, oil seals, O-rings, etc., we can only detect the size before compression, and the detection accuracy is extremely limited. After the resulting performance changes, its quality detection is difficult. Similarly, for mechanical seals, gaskets, packings, and even more seals, they must be compressed before they can be sealed. For large-size seals, quality inspection and inspection design are even more difficult. Although each seal design and production enterprise has quality process control, there is still a certain difference between its product quality and the actual use quality of seals. Secondly, the seal is a product with many batches but few quantities, various varieties and materials. According to the data of Aizhi Industrial Technology Group, in 2008 alone, there were more than 40,000 batches of more than 10 million pieces of products, which means that there are only more than 200 pieces per batch on average, and the minimum batch is even only 1 piece. Basically, each batch of seals has different models, designs, and testing standards. This is very different from the requirements of mass production manufacturing enterprises, such as automobile manufacturers, in terms of quality system. We start with the most basic unit of work——Taking the sealing system of pipelines, valves and pumps as an example, at least mechanical seals, gaskets, oil seals, packings and O-rings are required, and for different working conditions such as acid and alkali media, high temperature, low temperature, high pressure and vacuum, etc. , you need to choose different sealing materials to manufacture, in which the combination of sealing forms and materials is very complicated, which makes the design and testing standards of the seals more complicated. That is to say, in the production process, because of the use of special raw materials, special production processes and special equipment, the quality of the seals has a custom or experimental nature. Since the sealing industry has developed with the progress of industrial basic equipment, and sealing is at the edge of many industries, and most domestic engineering colleges have not yet opened the subject of sealing technology, the basic theoretical research is weak, and there is a lack of quality basis. Therefore, many sealing parameters are still lacking, which increases the difficulty of quality control and evaluation of sealing products. Finally, the seal is a highly applicable“Accessories”, that is, it has to work with other devices. Whether the seal is good or not depends not only on the quality of the seal, but also on how well it works with the equipment it is matched with. For example, the sealing quality of the valve can only be judged when the valve is working. If it is a new valve, the quality reliability will be much higher. If it is an old valve with poor accuracy, the probability of quality decline will be greater. Another example is the seal of the pump. Only when the pump is working can it be known whether it is running normally. This is the reason why many users have biased judgments on seal quality.
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