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How to install and maintain car seals

by:ORK      2022-11-02
Winter has come quietly, and although car owners sometimes sit in the car, some people will also feel the intrusion of cold wind, and occasionally accompanied by wind noise, and the door is repeatedly closed. The thing is to check your own car sealing strip. The car sealing strip can effectively improve the air tightness of the car interior, and has the performance of wind and rain protection, but once the sealing strip ages, it will cause rain leakage, air leakage, and long-term leakage. Rain will also cause rust on the car body, so the maintenance of the sealing strip is very important, so how to install and maintain the car sealing strip? Now many shops on the market that can do vehicle sealing can be done according to different The tailor-made sealing strip can achieve the effect of accurately matching the curve of the model, so it can effectively ensure the continuity between the various parts of the body, avoid the separation of air flow between the combined parts, and effectively reduce the wind generated during the adjustment process. Noise, increase the air tightness of the car and the ability to prevent wind and rain. Before installing the glass, the vehicle doors and windows should carefully remove the sundries in the slot. When placing the glass, it should be carefully centered to ensure that the gap on both sides is even, and it should be corrected and fixed in time to prevent collision and displacement, and deviation from the center position. Do not pull the rubber seals sealing strip. If it is too tight, the cutting length is 20-30 mm longer than the assembly length, and it should be inlaid in place during installation, so that the plane of the entire sealing strip is kept straight, and it is in close contact with the glass and the notch, so that the surrounding force of the glass is uniform. , the rubber strip at the corner should be broken off as a bevel, and the glue should be firmly bonded at the break. When the sealant fills the gap to fix the glass, the rubber seals strip and the rubber block can be squeezed to squeeze the glass, so as to leave a gap for the glue injection. The glue injection depth is not less than 5 mm. Before the glue is cured, the glass should be kept free from vibration. . When the front edge, rear edge and side of the vehicle are sealed, support the hood, and then paste all parts of the hood, and effectively seal the gap between the hood and the vehicle body. When the vehicle is running, accelerate the passage of the air intake grille. , which can effectively improve heat dissipation and reduce friction between various parts of the car. If the gap is large, two layers can be attached. The gap between the door and the car body can improve the airtightness of the car, reduce wind noise, prevent sand and rainwater from entering the cockpit, and improve the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner in the car. Note that special glue should be applied on both sides of the door, and one side of the sealing strip should also be coated with glue, so that the sealing strip can be more tightly. The gap between the interior panel and the door, the instrument panel, the storage box and other interiors in the car will have some friction due to factors such as assembly and processing accuracy, and wind noise will be generated during the driving process of the vehicle, so these gaps can be used. Use sealing strips for effective filling and gluing. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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