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How to install the sealing ring?

by:ORK      2022-11-12
Installation and application The installation and application of the sealing ring should be the common problems: (1) It is not allowed to install in the wrong direction and damage the lip. If there are 50 on the lipsμA scar of about m will cause significant oil leakage. (2) Avoid mandatory installation. Do not use a hammer to knock in, but use a special tool to press the sealing ring into the wall of the seat hole, and then use a simple barrel to protect the lip according to the spline. Before installation, wipe some grease on the lips to facilitate installation and avoid burns during early operation. Pay attention to cleaning. (3) Avoid overdue applications. The service life of dynamic sealing rubber seals products is generally 3000 to 5000h, and new sealing rings should be replaced immediately. (4) The specifications of the dismantling and replacing the sealing ring should be consistent. It is necessary to strictly implement the provisions of the instructions for use, and use the same specifications of the sealing ring, otherwise the clamping degree and other regulations cannot be guaranteed. (5) Prevent the use of old sealing rings. When applying a new sealing ring, its process performance should also be carefully considered, and it should be used after it is clear that it has no defects such as small round holes, protrusions, cracks and grooves, and has sufficient ductility. (6) When installing, it is necessary to strictly clean up all parts of the hydraulic transmission system that are opened. It is best to use special tools to prevent the sharp edges of metal materials from scratching the fingers. (7) When replacing the sealing ring, the groove of the sealing ring should be strictly inspected, the waste should be eliminated, and the bottom of the groove should be polished. (8) In order to avoid oil leakage caused by damage, the actual operation must be carried out in accordance with the technical specifications. In addition, the equipment cannot be overloaded for a long time or run in a relatively extreme natural environment.
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