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How to judge the merits of the PVC strip?

by:ORK      2020-08-06
Speaking of sealing strip, everyone not unfamiliar, certainly teacups, water dispensers, door to wait is sign of the sealing strip, thus derived a lot of large and small manufacturers on the market, produce the strip quality is uneven, then to talk about with you about how to judge the merits of the PVC strip quality. 1, observe the PVC strip surface is shining, smooth, without impurities, no bubble, no indentation, hand induction delicate, soft. High fill soft PVC strip rough surface, no light, large deformation. 2, moderate tensile fracture not by hand. Bending can recover quickly after let go, Recover fast good elasticity) 。 No aromatic odor with nose smell. High fill soft PVC strip strength is poor, ten percent would crack a break. 3, with nasal olfactory sensory presence of aromatic smell. Some PVC strip not only the use of varying quality waste, also in the formula of excessive add filling material and low molecular weight aromatic ene oil or complex refining diesel oil as a substitute plasticizer. This product is just the factory smell is bigger, it is easy to hard brittle hair, make the strip contraction, become loose, fall off, cracking easily aging, lose the sealing function. 4, the practical inspection: to embed the PVC strip profile and glass, PVC strip check the rationality of the cross section shape and the size of the fit, in order to pressure into the strip effort is not big, and the stronger the pull the glass, the better. 5, viewed from the exterior intensity smell burning several aspects, such as visual inspection to identify strip quality: ( 1) Inferior PVC strip surface roughness, variant, strength is poor, ten percent would crack a break; The nasal olfactory barbed aromatic flavor. After burning self-extinguishing, due to the packing more resin less so the drawing is very short. ( 2) High quality PVC strip surface is exquisite, brightness is good, high strength, good elasticity, no peculiar smell. Burning flame, yellow, green, the roots of the smell of chlorine, self-extinguishing burning after a longer wire drawing. In addition to the above some recognition, because the product have different groove width, thickness tolerance is different, different working environment, in order to achieve better sealing effect, in the choice according to the actual working condition and the groove size, select qualified seals manufacturer of PVC strip a custom fit. Article 18 years seal manufacturers, has a professional technical team, can be customized as required, different high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, oil resistance, abrasion resistance and other properties of sealing strip, if you need to understand the problem, welcome consultation:.
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