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by:ORK      2022-11-23
How to judge the quality of rubber seals sealing plugs sealing plugs have the characteristics of good viscoelasticity. Research on the characteristics of rubber sealing plugs has become the main research direction, and it is also widely used in many fields. How to judge the specific quality of rubber materials and products, generally by testing these characteristic parameters to determine the quality of the material and the environment in which it is suitable for use. Commonly measured items (as far as I know): 1. Hardness, tensile strength, elongation at break, tensile stress, tear strength (basic properties, generally measured rubber seals properties will be measured); 2. Anti-aging properties : Including heat aging (hardness change, tensile strength change, elongation at break change, thermal weight loss, etc.); solvent resistance aging (hardness change, tensile strength change, elongation at break change, mass change, volume change etc.); ozone aging resistance (dynamic ozone resistance, static ozone resistance, etc.); light resistance, weathering resistance, etc.; ); There is no standard for these indicators. According to different use environments, different types of rubber, and different product grades, the requirements vary greatly. The above content is determined by
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