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How to judge whether rubber seals manufacturer professional?

by:ORK      2020-07-24
seal products both in industry and in the life everywhere, as the demand of the rubber seals in gradually to increase, therefore also has emerged a lot of big and small rubber seal manufacturer. Although rubber seals manufacturer on the increase, but there are a lot of mill type small manufacturer, with low cost to keep running, so how to find a suitable rubber seals manufacturer? Today's seal from the Angle of the objective to teach you how to judge whether rubber seals manufacturer professional. 1, basic needs with rubber seals seals production qualification, namely we often say that the business license, we can see a lot of important information from the business license, business scope, for example, a time, we can see from the established time whether to have a certain production experience. 2, rubber seals manufacturer is related product development, manufacturing experience, when necessary, can ask to provide the relevant samples, related production equipment is indispensable, avoid layers of subcontract. 3, whether through ISO19001 quality system certification, although at present domestic is not very standardized, but still has a certain binding. According to the product application field of all walks of life also has its own standard system, such as automobile industry TS16949 certification and so on. 4, manufacturer of rubber seal is rubber seals raw materials formula, and the development of mold manufacturing capacity, a rubber seal factory whether can meet the design requirements, from materials research and development, mold development, to the final production, every step is very important. Can put these key technologies as early as his hands enterprise of course. 5, more to the point or want to the scene of the rubber seal factory inspection, can fully understand the management, the quality system and so on various aspects strength. In addition to the above points can also from the industry reputation, technical team, production equipment, testing equipment and so on various inspection rubber seals seal degree of professional manufacturers. seals manufacturer seal of 18 years, has a modern standard workshop more than 20000 square meters, more than 30 professional technicians, to provide from the product design, mould development until the finished product one-stop solution, made of welcome to visit our factory.
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