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by:ORK      2022-11-27
How to look at the types of gaskets and common design problems Types of gaskets Gasket sealing structures are widely used in various machinery and equipment, especially various pressure vessels, pipes and valves. The simplest gasket is a flat gasket, the entire gasket is composed of the same material, which is used for static sealing of the general joint surface of mechanical equipment, such as the seal of the gearbox. The ideal gasket structure should be a plastic layer on the surface and an elastomer on the inner layer. The plastic surface layer ensures sealing and closes to each other or even fits, while the inner layer allows to compensate for a little separation of the sealing surface and often maintain a certain size on the seal. compressive stress. The emergence of many combination gaskets is based on this idea or slightly modified, but the principle is the same. For example, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) has good plasticity, excellent chemical corrosion resistance and a wide operating temperature range (-190 ~ 250 ° C), and is widely used in static sealing flat gaskets, but for some reason the resilience is poor As well as the tendency of cold flow, the simple use is limited. The combined structure can overcome this drawback. The various external encapsulation PTFE shown in the table is filled with compressed asbestos sheets, rubber seals sheets (or metal-embedded sheets) and other 'sandwiches' formed. 'Structural Gaskets. On the one hand, this structure can protect the gasket from the corrosion of the fluid medium or avoid the contact contamination of food and pharmaceutical industrial products, and on the other hand, it improves the poor rebound and cold flow problems caused by simply using PTFE. The following table shows the commonly used Types of gaskets and their scope of application. 700)this.width=700'>Previous:What are the process of using FRP single hydraulic prop
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