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by:ORK      2022-11-28
How to make rubber seals not aging and cracking? The aging of rubber mainly refers to the phenomenon of cracking, hardening, discoloration, cracks and other phenomena that occur during the use or storage of rubber. Gaobang Machinery will introduce you how to avoid these phenomena. The aging problem of rubber seals has always been a difficult problem in the seal industry. At present, the application of rubber in the seal industry is still very wide. Therefore, it is very important to solve the aging problem of rubber for the development of the seal industry. At the same time, the aging problem is one of the most important factors affecting the sealing performance of seals. The main factor affecting the aging of rubber seals is the natural environment. First, the influence of oxygen, ozone and other air components is mainly due to the occurrence of oxidation reaction, which breaks the molecular chain of rubber, but the degree of influence of ozone and oxygen is different. Yes, ozone is more oxidatively destructive. The second is the influence of light and moisture, which are the key factors to accelerate aging. Moisture in the air is a necessary condition for rubber to soften, and light is the main factor to promote its discoloration. Long-term sunlight exposure can easily make rubber Deformation softens. Third, temperature has a great influence on rubber, mainly in the cold winter, if the rubber hardens seriously, it will cause the rubber to break, and in the hot summer, the rubber will soften. When maintaining the seal, it should mainly start from the above aspects of waterproof, air isolation and heat preservation. The above content introduces how to keep the rubber seals from aging and cracking. Ruichen Sealing specializes in the production of rubber seals seals, single hydraulic strut seals and other seals. If you have any product requirements, please call to order.
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