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How to measure the tensile properties of vulcanized rubber o-rings?

by:ORK      2022-10-13
The tensile property is an experiment to measure a series of characteristics of the vulcanized rubber O-ring under the tensile load effect, also known as the compressive strength test. This is the first basic method of raw material physical performance experiment, mainly used to test whether the raw material meets the required specifications and to scientifically research the characteristics of the raw material. Experimental equipment (1) This experiment was carried out on a tensile machine, which should meet the relevant requirements of GB/T528-1998 'Measurement of Tensile Stress-Strain Characteristics of Vulcanized Rubber or Thermoplastic Rubber'. The tensile machine needs guiding gear rack equipment and equipment for accurately measuring the extension of the specimen (2) The experimental fixture is composed of two upper and lower shaft wheels with ball bearings with a diameter of at least 12mm. When the two wheels are close to each other, Among them, the new distance is within 25mm. The lower tooling fixture contains worm gear and worm gear transmission equipment, which must be engaged with the guiding rack and pinion on the tensile machine during the experiment (3) The linear experimental tooling fixture is a universal tensile test fixture, but it is necessary to ensure that the test piece is in the whole process of the experiment. Specimen at the clamping place (1) The nominal diameter of the normative specimen is 40mm±0.3mm, with a cross-sectional diameter of 3.55mm±0.1mm. The total number of test pieces is 5 (2) O-rings of other specifications with a nominal diameter exceeding 40mm, or pieces cut from the O-rings (linear test pieces whose length is not less than 120mm) can be used for measurement. The results cannot be compared with the results of the standard specimen. The procedure of the specimen (1) Accurately measure the cross-sectional diameter and nominal diameter of the specimen in compliance with the regulations. If the parallel linear test pieces are carried out in accordance with Articles 4.2.4 and 4.2.5 of GB/T528. Part of the road marking interval in its work is 25mm (2) Place the vulcanized rubber O-type trap on the axle wheels of the upper and lower fixtures as close as possible, so that the specimen is not subject to tensile stress, connect the extension detection system, and adjust 0 point (that is, when it is clear that the elongation of the diameter in the o-ring is equal to zero, the management center distance of the two axle wheels) (3) Clean up with (500±50) The test piece is stretched at a rate of mm/min, and the load when the test piece is stretched to the required stretch, the load when it is torn off, and the expression of the test results of the stretch amount are recorded—the exact measurement results are 5, and the test results are numerical The median of the elongation at break is rounded to several tens of digits, and the tensile stress and tensile strength are rounded to a decimal.
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