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How to reasonably use the oil seal?

by:ORK      2020-07-23
Oil seal, just as its name implies a mechanical parts is mainly used to seal oil, often used in the transmission system, the operation condition of the different how to reasonable use oil seal? 1. Shaft speed due to the design on the structure of high speed axis high-speed oil seal is used, to use the low speed shaft oil seal at low speed, low oil seal can not be used for high-speed shaft, not vice versa. 2. Environment temperature in use under the condition of high temperature, should choose polypropylene ester or silicon, fluorine, silicon fluorine rubber seals oil seal. And try to reduce the oil temperature in the tank, in the case of using temperature too low, should choose cold resistant rubber seals. 3. Pressure oil seal is poorer, able to work under pressure in general stress deformation of oil seal can, under the condition of the use of pressure to use pressure bearing ring or strengthen the pressure of oil seal. 4. Installing a degree of eccentricity on the oil seal and shaft eccentricity is too big, variation of the sealing and especially particularly serious when shaft speed is high, if excessive eccentric, can use & other; W” Form of a cross section of oil seal. 5. Shaft surface finish, directly affects the service life of oil seal, namely shaft finish high, oil seal service life is long. 6. Note in the oil seal lip must have a certain amount of lubricating oil. 7. Attention should be paid to prevent dust into oil seal. Above is a few knowledge about the rational use of oil seal, if you have more questions, welcome to contact seal 17 years of development, production experience, has a group of professional technical engineers, can according to customer demand for the customer design suitable oil seal, figure design: welcome to.
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