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How to recover the deformation of fluororubber sealing ring?

by:ORK      2022-11-04
How to recover the deformation of fluororubber sealing ring? The deformation of the fluororubber sealing ring can be divided into recoverable deformation and irreparable deformation. The recoverable deformation can also be divided into slight deformation, such as small strain, distortion, concentricity; it cannot be restored to serious deformation such as wrinkles and cracks. After the slightly deformed rubber pad is repaired, it can be used normally, and the sealing effect is not easy to be lost. However, after the rubber pad with large deformation is repaired, the sealing effect will be invalid, and it cannot be used normally. The following points together grasp how to restore the deformation of the rubber pad that can repair the deformation. The long-term placement of the fluororubber sealing ring will cause slight deformation, how should it be restored? 1. Take out the deformed rubber pad, make the water boil quickly, and pour it into the container. 2. Put the boiling water into the container and soak the rubber pad into the boiling water. 3. After soaking for a few minutes, take out the rubber seals pad and be good at driving. 4. After the ductility is repaired after traction, the slightly deformed rubber pad repairs the original shape. The above methods are limited to repairing the deformation of the rubber pad under the premise that slight deformation, structure and shape are not damaged by external force, etc., I hope the above information can be helpful.
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