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How to Remove Silicone Sealant From Shower Tiles

by:ORK      2020-03-14
Removing silicone from the shower tiles can be a hassle.Sometimes the overly enthusiastic installers make a mess by applying too much silicone, which can be an attractive finish.The old silicone may become brittle or damaged, and even start peeling off in spots.If you are not lucky, you will even find that the mold begins to form around you.After all, the wet, stagnant air in the bathroom is actually a welcome pad for mold spores.For whatever reason, if you want to remove the silicone sealant from the bathroom tiles, your best weapon is to work hard, be patient and be careful.Clean up the shower and tub-Piece-rate units for personal care supplies and other items.Pile the article outside.of-the-way area.Wash the entire tile area with a bathroom tile cleaner that penetrates soap residue without leaving residue.Alternatively, use hot water and a gentle detergent.Cleaning the tiles before removing the silicone can ensure that when there is no protection on the surface, you do not have to clean the tiles later.If you keep the tile, it must be sealed and the surface can only be cleaned if it is well sealed.Slide a tool knife or razor down the length of the first caulking on one side of the bead.Hold the tool so that the blade does not cut into the wall, but is close to it (at the bottom of the silicone ).The purpose is to cut the silicone loose on the first edge without cutting through the entire bead or down to the joint.Switch to the other side of the silicone seal bead, repeat the process and pass through a point that is very close to the combination of silicone with the tile.Avoid cutting too deep so that silicone beads are completely removed.It is enough to use only the knife tip on each side of the bead.Grab a loose piece of silicone edge, like peeling a banana, peel it up and peel it off the tile.Unlike bananas, silicone should carry the silicone filled with the joint with you, not just the visible part of the sealed bead.Use an putty knife or ice scraper to encourage the silicone to peel off in any difficult place to remove.Dig out the remaining silicone sealant if necessary.Work slowly and carefully with a knife, putty knife or ice scraper, keeping the angle of the tool to the surface of the tile as small as possible to avoid planing or scraping the tile.Wipe the wash pad with acetone, mineral spirits or rubbing alcohol or a similar gently grind tool.Slide on the tile and scrub if necessary to remove any remaining residue.Avoid soaking tiles or pads to prevent damage to moisture.Bathroom tile cleaner or dish defacing agent soft laundry razor or utility knife razor or ice razor scratch pattinone or similar solvent.Remove the solvent, or even the solvent prepared for other types of sealant.Before using any product on the tile, Please test it in an inconspicuous place.
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