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How to remove the gasket

by:ORK      2022-11-11
Disassembly sequence of the gasket: remove the preload on the gasket, open the static sealing device, take out the gasket, and remove the gasket residue. There are the following methods for disassembling the gasket: 1. Derusting method for disassembling the gasket The thread is soaked in kerosene or rust remover to remove rust, increase lubrication, and facilitate the disassembly of parts. 2. The method of evenly disassembling the sealing gasket: Symmetrically, evenly, and in turn loosen the flange bolts by 1/4 to 1 turn, and then officially remove the bolts. 3. Expansion and loosening method for dismantling the sealing gasket Insert a tool such as a wedge iron between the flanges, and expand and loosen the flange to be unloaded. 4. The ejector rod method for disassembling the sealing gasket For the rusted and bonded gaskets, first remove the bolts, then close the valve, and use the valve stem to lift the valve cover. 5. The percussion method for disassembling the sealing gasket Use copper rods, hand hammers and other tools to tap the valve body to loosen the parts and gaskets and then disassemble. 6. Wetting method for dismantling the sealing gasket Wet the gasket with solvent, kerosene, etc. to soften or peel off the sealing surface and then disassemble. 7. The shovel scraping method for dismantling the sealing gasket Use the inclined blade of the shovel blade to stick to the sealing surface, and remove the gasket and its residue. This method is especially suitable for rubber seals gaskets and rubber asbestos gaskets. 8. Ring method for dismantling the sealing gasket The self-tightening gasket is fixed with four open rings, the gap between the ring grooves is small and there is no wrench position, so it is difficult to disassemble after the four open rings are corroded. The disassembly hole can be drilled to the groove outside the valve, and the four open rings can be disassembled with a flat head punch. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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