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how to replace the rubber gasket on a front loading bosch

by:ORK      2020-03-15
If you find unexpected water marks or wet patches on the floor of the laundry room and you have a front
Washer failure may be one of the culprit when loading the washing machine.
Washers, also known as door boots, are kept tightly sealed on the door of the washing machine to allow the water to stay inside the equipment during the washing and rotation cycles.
Although it may intimidate families with no experienceit-
It\'s no better to replace the washers on Bosch--
Very similar--
Change the bike tires.
Unplug the washing machine from the wall socket.
Pull out the detergent drawer to reveal the screws that hold the control panel in place.
Screw off the screw and pull the control panel freely.
Set the panel along the top of the washing machine so you don\'t have to unplug it from the washing machine.
Open the kick--
Bottom panel--
From the main body of the washing machine. Wedge a flat-
The head screwdriver between the kick plate and the washer, close to the hole that holds the clip in place.
Push the screwdriver to press it on the kick plate and release the clip.
Unlock the drain hose and put it aside to avoid stepping on it.
Find the fixing clip--
Main wash the wire ring around the front of the outdoor washer.
Use your apartment to pry it up for free
Put the screwdriver aside.
Push the gasket into the main washing room to clear the outer lip away from the front door of the machine.
Unscrew the four screws that connect the door to the body of the machine.
There are two on the lower side of the door.
The other two are above and below the hole where the door is connected to the main body.
Free WhatsApp and set to one side.
Peel off the old washer.
When you pull it apart, a fixed spring should fall off and become visible.
Remove the washer from the washer before throwing it away.
Find the drain hole in the new washer.
Slide the gasket into the washing drum with these holes at the bottom of the 6-point position.
Slide the fixing spring into the position and nest it in the valley at the back of the gasket.
Replace the door and fix the four screws again.
Surround the outer lip of the washer around the door.
Stick the retention tape in place to complete the seal.
Put the kick plate, control panel and detergent drawer back in the opposite position of the disassembly.
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