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How to Replace the Rubber Seal for a Window

by:ORK      2020-03-04
Bad Rubber, window seal allows air to enter your home or vehicle.You can order new seals to replace the old ones, but it\'s much cheaper to replace them yourself.Rubber seals are available in most hardware stores and window repair shops.
Remove the old seal from the window with a needle nose clamp.Scrape the old glue from the window with the blade and attach the residue of the rubber.Apply a thin layer of super glue or loctite to the contact point around the window.
Do not apply glue to the surface of the glass.Replace the old seal with a wide surface rubber seal and insert label.Insert a tab between the window frame and the window.
Press the seal lightly with the palm of your hand and force it to be in place.Stop sealing when you reach the starting point and use the blade to cut the sealing.Apply a small piece of glue on the starting point to push both ends together.
Let the glue dry completely before testing the window.Open the window.Remove the window seal with a needle and nose clamp.Scrape the remaining rubber and glue from the window frame with a blade.
Apply a thin layer of super glue or loctite to the contact point on the window frame.Use seals with window slots as a replacement.Peel the adhesive strip from the seal and attach the seal to the window frame.
Push the seal to the proper position with your finger and run the seal around the frame.Stop sealing when you are full circle.Cut the seal with a blade.Apply a small piece of super glue on each and fix them together until the glue is dry
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