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by:ORK      2020-07-02
Nitrile rubber sealing strip is a common in the rubber sealing strip, generally for the black nitrile rubber sealing strip, its main characteristic is oil resistant, solvent resistance, but not nitrile rubber ketones, esters and chlorinated hydrocarbon medium resistance, flexibility and mechanical performance is very good. Defect is in the ozone oxidation and aging crack nitrile rubber, cold resistance, low temperature resistance is poor. Time is long, especially in the summer, for a long time in a high temperature environment, nitrile rubber sealing strip appears a little problem is most easily melt deformation, then in what kind of environment is conducive to save the black nitrile rubber sealing strip? Should pay attention to the following three points: first, the black nitrile rubber sealing strip to avoid direct sunlight for a long period of time, the sunshine is too strong for nitrile rubber seals aging is fatal, black endothermic, black nitrile rubber sealing strip heat absorption capability is strong, so will cause temperature rise, so as to make its physical properties change, the most direct result is soft. Second, nitrile rubber sealing strip to avoid the high temperature environment, said the direct sunlight can lead to high temperature deformation, and in front of the high temperature melting is also harm can lead to rubber. Third, nitrile rubber sealing strip to dry the preservation of the environment, this also is to prevent the occurrence of aging of the important factors. Simple summary for nitrile rubber seals sealing strip of the preservation of the environment is away from light, cool, dry environment. Seal 18 years dedicated research and development of rubber sealing strip custom, can according to customer requirements, customize different size, type O, shapes of round, square, abnormity of nitrile rubber sealing strip, sealing solution of rubber sealing strip hotline:!
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