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How to solve the problem in high hardness of silicone rubber products?

by:ORK      2020-07-23
Organic silicon industry demand for various products are common in the silicone products industry, and solid state hydraulic technology in organic silicon industry occupy more than 50%, the highest demand is solid molding process, it can achieve different hardness of materials, and the hardness of proofing also affect the normal use of products, some silica gel in daily life often needs only high hardness of products, and some problems of high hardness silicone rubber seals products can produce phenomenon became we focus on the topic. High hardness in silicone rubber products manufacturers in the industry are indeed has certain technical request, first of all, whether the development of mould structure has a certain influence on product vulcanization, second mold exhaust slot for good? The most important is the use of high hardness products about you demand whether can meet? Some customers often want to 60 degrees or so, but they can't distinguish the hardness level of hard and soft can only guess, so incurred after adopted the hardness of 70, 80, affect the normal use of the function, the material of 90 degrees, and some friends want it verbally clarify needs only 70 degrees, 80 degrees is enough, the results of die out after silica gel hardness can not meet the requirements, so understand product hard softness is important, silicone hard softness is divided into & plusmn; 5 degrees rather than & plusmn; 1 is for a reason. Of high hardness silicone rubber products demand will be shorter time in the production process, the temperature is reduced, the processing hardness to reduce as far as possible, material hardness, if the curing time is too long, silicone rubber products must be very fragile, it is easy to tear, and it will have to pay more attention to in the application, if your temperature is too high to product to present the probability of edge tear and get bigger, the aging rate will gradually increase. So high hardness of silicone rubber products in machining process still needs certain skills, says it has the certain difficulty, in fact, the most since the down side of main or mould and exhaust slot, just can get product exhaust effect, after the adjustment on the machine don't have any problem. Dongguan city, founded in 2001, now has workshop 20000 square meters, more than 200 sets of equipment, is a collection of product design, mold design, processing, research and development of rubber formula, mixing and testing the integration of large-scale rubber seal manufacturer. Hotline: url: /
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