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How to use and store rubber O-rings?

by:ORK      2022-10-25
How to use and save rubber O-rings? You should have a certain understanding of the functions of plastic O-rings. O-rings are used in hydraulic and pneumatic system software and various equipment and electronic devices. The pressure, temperature and its different liquid and air substances play a sealing effect in the static or moving state. This is almost all that everyone needs to master, but do you know how to make the O-ring fully exert its effect? First of all, we need to understand that O-rings generally cannot be reused many times. Second, when the O-rings are installed in the pipe trench, be careful not to distort the O-rings, and consider that the O-rings are not distorted in the pipe trenches and O-rings. Apply a sealant to it. There is also a point, when the plastic O-ring is not used, it is best not to open the original packaging of the O-ring, in order to prevent the O-ring from adhering to dust or infiltrating dirt, which may cause damage to the O-ring. If you want to store the O-ring, you should try to reduce the sun exposure or store it around the continuous high temperature pyrogen such as a heating furnace to prevent the premature aging of the O-ring. It must be especially pointed out that the color of the O-ring will sometimes fade during storage, that is, the surface of the O-ring will cause hoarfrost, but you don't have to worry, it is impossible for such a thing to cause adverse effects on the function of the O-ring. of. Plastic O-ring storage Standard O-rings are subject to various external environmental factors, such as: distortion, O2, active oxygen, sunlight, pyrogen, wet and cold, refined oil, or interference from organic chemicals and organic solvents, etc. O ring manufactures are likely to be ineffective due to changes in their physical properties. In DIN7716, ISO2230, DIN9088 and other specifications, the basic requirements for the storage, cleaning and maintenance of plastic seals are carried out. 1: Temperature: 5-25℃ is a more satisfactory storage temperature. Contact with heat and sunlight should be avoided. Seals removed from cryogenic storage should be placed at 20°C prior to application. 2: Ambient humidity: The air humidity in the warehouse should be lower than 70% to prevent excessive wetness or excessive dryness, and no cold suspicion can occur. 3: Sunlight exposure: Prevent sunlight and strong human light sources with ultraviolet light. A sun-protected bag guarantees the best maintenance. It is recommended that the windows of the warehouse be painted with bright red or orange architectural paint or plastic film. 4 Radiation source: prevent electromagnetic wave radiation from damaging the seal. 5. Oxygen and active oxygen: Plastic materials should be prevented from being exposed to the moving air of the circulatory system. This can be accomplished by overpacking, coiling, storing in air-tight containers, or other suitable means. Active oxygen is harmful to most elastomer materials, and the following machinery and equipment are prevented in the warehouse: liquid mercury vapor lamps, high-voltage electrical machinery and equipment, motors and other machinery and equipment. 6 Deformation: products should be placed in random conditions as much as possible to prevent tension, shrinkage or other deformations. 7. Contact with liquid or semi-solid raw materials: Do not touch organic solvents, oils, greases or other semi-solid raw materials. 8. Contact with metal materials or non-metal materials: It is not allowed to contact permanent magnet materials, pig iron, copper and aluminum alloys, or with raw materials that will destroy plastics. Do not use PVC material to overwrap the seals. Seals of different materials cannot be mixed. 9 Cleaning: If necessary, soap and water can be used to clean the seals. However, water cannot touch chemical fiber enhanced seals, plastic metal material adhesive seals, and AU raw material seals. Disinfectants, organic solutions and special tools with sharp edges cannot be used. The cleaned seals should be dried at room temperature and should not be close to the pyrogen.
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