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Hydraulic seal commodity, pipe trench design scheme, installation quality regulations

by:ORK      2022-11-14
The product quality of hydraulic seals Common hydraulic seals belong to standard parts, which are generally mass-produced by technical professional processing factories. Ductility, and the surface layer is smooth and smooth, with high density structure, no black spots, no dents, no scratches, no air holes, no pinholes, 0, no wrinkles, no deformation, no embrittlement, mildew and other shortcomings, beneficial to reduce leakage. Design scheme for installing pipe trenches for hydraulic seals Manufacturing quality design scheme When manufacturing the sealing equipment of hydraulic control system, the specific load of hydraulic seals (such as packing sealing, drag sealing, rotating sealing and load, Pressure, fitness movement rate, working temperature, etc.) use the compression ratio of the suitable cross-section (axial specification) of the hydraulic seal, and then specify the large and small diameters and radial length specifications of the installation pipe groove of the hydraulic seal, and use the appropriate specifications. Precision, surface precision and roughness, etc., to prevent damage to hydraulic seals. Minimize the reduction of the compression rate of the cross section (axial size) due to the small size of the hydraulic seal and the excessive plastic deformation of the hydraulic seal during installation, which is beneficial to reduce leakage. Installation quality Before the assembly line hydraulic control system, all parts should be carefully cleaned and inspected, and the top priority should be to eliminate air pollutants, burrs, bevels and abrasions on the surface of the matched parts, such as sand, abrasive particles, Rust, paint (architectural coatings), dust, solid particles, etc. each other. When assembling, the surface layer of the parts of the hydraulic seal should be evenly coated. Apply a small amount of lithium-sodium-based lubricating grease or gear oil to avoid rough actual operation and prevent hydraulic seals from being distorted and/or caused by excessive tensile plastic deformation due to excessive damage to torque, which is beneficial to reduce leakage. .
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