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by:ORK      2022-10-20
Properties of rubber seals: (1) Small elastic modulus and high elongation. (2) It has good air permeability, hydraulic seals, and good electrical insulation properties. And some rubbers also have good oil resistance and high temperature resistance, as well as low temperature resistance. (3) It can be used in combination, mixed or composite with a variety of materials, so as to obtain good comprehensive performance. Based on the above excellent properties, rubber seals are widely used in various industries. At present, mechanical seals are more widely used in high-altitude flight industry, petroleum industry and chemical industry. Therefore, it is Is a very good seal. seals are classified according to material 1. Silicone rubber series Equipped with advanced testing equipment and clean dust-free workshop. Products are widely used in electronics, medical equipment, food and other industries. A variety of domestic and imported silica gels are used for the rubber species, and the operating temperature can meet -60°—+200°C, the product can meet the requirements of oil resistance, steam resistance, seals, medical, edible transparent, high strength, flame retardant, conductive silicone rubber, etc. 2. Fluorine rubber seals series products are widely used in automobiles, shipbuilding, military industry, electronic appliances and other industries. The working temperature is -40℃+200℃. The combined seals can resist fuel oil, high temperature, freon, superheated water, steam and Excellent chemical resistance, welcome customers to buy and customize. 3. PTFE series products PTFE gaskets have high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, even at high temperatures, they do not interact with concentrated acids, alkalis or strong oxidants. They have been widely used as sealing materials. Suitable for sealing devices on pipes, flanges, reactors, valves and containers. Special-shaped parts are produced according to user design drawings. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
rubber seals has become a standardized way of dealing with custom rubber seals.
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