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Hydraulic seal installation precautions and storage

by:ORK      2022-11-01
Hydraulic seals are the core of hydraulic equipment and guarantee the normal operation of hydraulic equipment. Therefore, the installation of hydraulic seals is very important. Any errors in the installation process may affect the sealing performance, thereby affecting the normal operation of hydraulic equipment. Therefore, it is necessary for the operator to understand the precautions for the installation of hydraulic seals before installation. In addition, storage of hydraulic seals prior to installation should also be in place. Precautions for installation of hydraulic seals: 1. Check the relevant surfaces of the piston, cylinder barrel and installation guide sleeve, and make sure that they are clean, free of burrs and edges. 2. The installation tools are required to be smooth, without edges and sharp corners to ensure that the seals will not be damaged in any form during the installation process (special installation tools for hydraulic seals should be used). 3. A small amount of grease can be applied to the relevant surfaces of the seal and the cylinder during installation to facilitate installation, but no grease is allowed to remain between the rubber seals elastomer and the sliding seal ring, otherwise it will affect the sealing performance. 4. Whether it is vertical or horizontal installation, the coaxiality of the piston and the cylinder should be maintained. Excessive eccentricity may damage the seal. 5. The installation speed should not be too fast, otherwise the storage of the sealed hydraulic seal will be damaged: During storage and storage, the hydraulic seal should be put into a sealed moisture-proof plastic bag such as PTFE, and the storage date and other records should be kept. Then store it in a dark place to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight and other poor storage and storage and reduce its sealing performance. Through the above introduction, we know the matters that should be paid attention to during the installation of hydraulic seals, and also understand its storage work. This way we can avoid making mistakes during installation that can affect the performance of the seal and prevent the seal from failing before it's used. Company website:
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