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Hydraulic seals, how to choose guangdong seal manufacturer to tell you!

by:ORK      2020-08-05
Commonly used hydraulic seal sealing pressure type hydraulic sealing ring is mainly type O sealing ring, circular ring and rectangular ring, etc. , they have the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacturing, low cost. Maintenance of hydraulic seals, the choose and buy a lot of people will be in accordance with the sample size and color to buy, so can not select suitable products. Guangdong seal manufacturers recommend the following procedure to improve the accuracy of purchasing seals: 1, the seal key decided to active point, for example, is in the inner diameter of rod sealing or active point is the outer diameter of the piston seal etc. 2, movement direction to decide the movement direction of the hydraulic seal location, such as reciprocating, rotating, spiral or fixed. 3, temperature level from the original mechanical instructions refer to or working temperature according to the actual working environment assessment, decided to use material required. 4, pressure grade guangdong seal manufacturers suggest you want to use that consult relevant data from the original factory machinery, or by looking at the original hydraulic seal structure and hardness of inference work stress level 5, the size of most users will be used by the old sample of choose and buy, but the seal in use after a period of time, will be affected by factors such as temperature, pressure and wear a big its original size, choose according to the samples can only be as a reference, a better approach is to measure metal seal position groove size, higher accuracy. Seal of 17 years guangdong seal manufacturers, professional custom fit for the customer the hydraulic seals, if there are any materials or other aspects of doubt, welcome your consultation.
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